Soon September..!

Hello there sweeties – hope you´re all fine!

So, soon September. I´m happy about the summer we´ve had; it was a bit rainy for a long time but the last couple of weeks have treated us with great weather.

There has been good and bad with my gardening. The good has naturally been this:


Yep; I was mucho happy about the lovely veggies and berries I could (and still can) serve my family. I also bought a new sofa for our sun room that is perfect for soaking in the sun.


The bad however, was slugs. Those terrible, slimy creatures ate all carrots but one (gave it to youngest rascal and he assured me it tasted fantastic) and I honestly hate them. Have to figure something out for next year; this won´t do. Also; the heavy rain during the beginning of the summer seem to have drowned the beets I hoped for, they were nowhere to be seen after that.

But you can´t win them all I guess.

My son have two blocks of chemo left and he´s still in good spirit amazingly, though very thin. We´ve been on small picnics and such when he felt strong, so no complaints at all from him or his brother. Took this pic at a lake and played with it; like how it turned out:


Oldest rascal started at a new school and celebrated his 13th birthday – hooray for my teen! Hard to grasp that he´s that big now; years just fly by.

Personally, I´ve started to ride again once a week. It feels good; when riding I can´t focus on anything else but the horse and what the heck I´m doing – very important for my mind at this point. I´m also going to obediance class once a week with Molly; she´s right now a lovely, five month old monster puppy so it´s neccessary for her. Though she wouldn´t agree..!

One day at a time right now, one day at a time..! How is life treating you?

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In summer, the song sings itself.

Hello sweeties, just popping in to say hi.

Today it´s a beautiful summer day and I´m enjoying it to the fullest. We´ve had some chilly and grey days recently, so I´m glad for the change.

The rascals are happy as can be, especially since they just bought their Saturday candy – oh joy..! Since my youngest apetite isn´t the best at the moment, I´m actually equally happy that he wants it – some extra calories on his thin body.

He has now done half of his chemo sessions, it seems like a long way to go though until we´re done. I wouldn´t say he´s doing great – it takes it´s toll, that´s for sure – but his mood is as cheerful as it´s always been and he´s strong and tough.

It could be worse.

We´re dreaming and planning for the trip to America we´ll do when he´s regained his strength eventually. As some of you know, I did the same trip with my oldest about a year ago and it was a wonderful mother-son time. Can´t wait until we´re set to go.


Other than visiting the hospital for his treatment, days are passing by in a nice way. The dogs keeps me busy as I bet you can imagine (why do I always forget how often a puppy pees?!) and I enjoy the slow pace. I´ve even been taking pictures as you can see above; a sign that some normality is back in my life.

I hope you´re enjoying yourselves wherever you are and whatever you´re doing, I appreciate your kind thoughts. Take care until the next time!

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Why it´s silent here…

… and why it might be so for a while:


Yes indeed; our Molly is in the house as those of you who follow me on Instagram already knows. She´s so very fun to be around; a happy, clever and cute puppy in every way. She´s also everywhere all the time so she´s keeping me busy, that´s for sure.

We all love her dearly; such a positive addition to our home.

I´ve been thinking of this blog and what to do with it. At the moment it feels hard to post since my life revolves around my sons cancer treatment. It´s all going well, but I´m not keen on posting photos of him since that would feel like going against his integrity. By the same reason there´s not many photos I can post of my oldest son since his usually around his brother when he´s at home.

So I´d be left with using photos of flowers, food and animals which is all fine – but honestly; it feels weird to post just about such light hearted things when we in reality are going through something quite hard.

So what to do? Well, I think I will know the day it feels fine to blog here again – and until then it will rest. My sons treatment will be over in the end of 2015 so that will probably be when I show up for real again, not just these rare posts.

Because trust me on this; I long for that day when I can talk with you again and the blog will not be dead until I say so. I also have some pretty large changes in my life going on, in the best of ways.

So I hope you´ll stick around sweeties.

I´ll end this post with a photo my oldest son took of Molly and I, he tries to think about composition and such and I let him decide how to edit the photo in Photoshop as well. The result was a bit light – but that´s how you learn and I´m not correcting him. He´ll find his way eventually, and it still was a bloody good pic by a 12-year old.


Take care!

Little by Little
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Spring is really here!

It is just lovely, I always feel so cheerful when spring arrives. Flowers, buds and insects – they have all shown theirselves and I´m excited of what will come next.

var2Everything is actually great at this point; my oldest rascal is doing fantastic in school which is amazing due to the circumstances. I´m very proud of him – it´s not that easy to study when your little brother is sick.

Youngest rascal have had some really good weeks as well. The latest chemo wasn´t that bad when it comes to nausea, so he´s actually been eating and gaining weight. I´m most happy about that since he´ll get the other chemo soon which will likely reduce his appetite again. We´ve bought ourselves an huge trampoline (which swallows most of the garden, oh my) to help him train his balance while jumping along with his brother. And soon Molly will come; within just about two weeks we´ll have a little liqurice troll puppy bringing love and making damage in our home.

I´m relishing in all good that I can, let me tell you.

And again; spring. The birds wake me up every morning (as we sleep with our window open) and I´m excited about planting flowers and eatables. We´ll not be able to travel this summer due to my youngest´treatment, but we´ll have a great time nonetheless. I´m content as long as the rascals are.


So how is everything where you are? Has spring arrived?


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My youngest has a fever today, which is a total bummer since he eats too little anyway. Called the hospital and they don´t think it has to do with the chemo since his blood levels were good last Tuesday, so it seems it´s ”just” an ordinary  spring cold which I personally had hoped he would escape. It´s tough enough as it is for him, but what to do with all the viruses flying around.

Hopefully, he´ll get better soon.

Last night I had my first serious attempt at a moon pic, I was pretty happy with the result:


I´ll continue practicing and hope for a beautiful, star filled sky as well some night.

A couple of days ago I had a lovely dinner out with equally lovely friend Malin:


It was so fun to let the hours fly while chattering along like two teens – and the tapas were great as well:


With everything that´s going on at home, I often forget that there´s a world outside – but luckily for me I have good friends who reminds me.

Oh well, keep your fingers crossed that my sons fever goes away faster than fast please – and take care!

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No words.


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A reunion with the horses..!

I have hardly seen a horse since my son got his diagnosis last October, and as most of you know I loved to ride before all of that happened. There just haven´t been time or opportunity to keep that going for a while, so I was thrilled in the best of ways when my friend Pia texted me today and asked me to join her at her stable.

The breed is called Exmoor pony and is new to me, though my friend has been riding them for a while. They are small; about the size of an Icelandic horse – and very hardy and cute.

150322_1 150322_2 150322_3 150322_4 150322_5

Pia wanted me to join her for a riding lesson in the future and I think I just have to – it awakened a longing in me when I watched them riding.

150322_7 150322_8

Anyway; it was lovely to inhale the horse smell deep down into my lungs again (though I was freezing my behind off, it was so cold outside today) and I look forward to the next time.


(yes, I´m pretty and I know it….)

Now I´m waiting to dig into the cake my mother in law is baking with the help of the rascals – I hope you´re having a great Sunday as well.

Take care!

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… and once there was a blog…

… and believe it or not; the blog owner is still around – though not very active at the moment. It´s sad in a way since I love my little place online, but I know you understand why the posts are rare right now. I hope you appreciate the ones I share – better and more active days will come.

My youngest rascal has finished the first block of chemo and it went well. Of course he has low blood tests since that´s what chemo do, but he´s quite happy and content even though eating is hard for him. It´s scary how  drastic that makes you lose appetite and I have to say that it´s the biggest issue so far – I don´t want him to lose too much weight during all of this. He has some tired days, but most days he´s pretty good. It will get worse ahead (he´ll do 7 more blocks) but I´m glad for as long as it stays like this.

Today we´ve had a lovely picnic in the spring sun – it was absolutely wonderful! Lots of birds of different kinds has returned to the lake we sat by and it was liberating to feel the sun and the wind and to hear their chatter.

Summer will be here sooner than we know it.

Can´t wait.

150315_1 150315_2 150315_3 150315_4 150315_5

My rascals had fun making and sitting next to the campfire – and personally, I love the smell of a fire outside. Makes everything taste better.


150315_6 150315_7

Great day, the boys were happy and tired when we returned home.

We´ve had some good news regarding our new family member; Molly (named by youngest rascal) was born March 6th and will be ready to move around May 1st! Everyone is giddy about it, though hubby still mutters about our home transforming into a zoo… I don´t know why that is a bad thing..?

So; I hope you´re great wherever you are – I aim to get my next post up faster. Take care!

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It´s a dog´s life

It´s been snowing and snowing and snowing some more – I actually feel a bit surprised by the amounts. I do have a very happy, four-legged member of the family thanks to it all – despite the fact that she hardly gets her head above the snow masses in our garden.

150208_4 150208_1

 Wohoo – here I come..!

So this has truly been a real winter so far even for us in the south of Sweden – and I have to say that it´s much easier to get the rascals out to play when it looks like this instead of muddy backyards.


We´re waiting to add another member to our family; a Flatcoated retriever pup. At least 75% of the family are beyond theirselves with happiness, 25% (aka hubby) sighs deeply and mutters that we´ll live in a zoo.


She´ll arrive this summer sometime and hence isn´t even born yet – so I hope the litter will have at least one female puppy or the rascals will get very disappointed. Fingers crossed and all that. I look forward to it, our dog before Elsa was a Flatcoated retriever and she was just the most loving soul and very fun to work with.

I suspect Elsa will pout for a year or so, we´ll see. She´ll still be the only dog allowed in my bed and that may make up for some of it. Maybe.

About two weeks now until my sons chemotherapy and I´m getting nervous, however I´ve met two wonderful mothers on Facebook that have been through all of this with their kids who had the same tumor. They are great to talk with and helps me stay as positive as possible – their kids are doing fine now after treatment. Social media can truly be a bliss, no matter what people say sometimes.

So you know; when I sit in my kitchen and look out during the days, it´s mostly good thoughts which I am thankful for.


And the light is coming back as well, which makes everything even better. It was such a lovely glow in our livingroom the other day that I asked to get my photo taken;


It should be forbidden to ever take a photo without natural light, that´s all I´m saying..!

Take care sweeties!

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