… and the days are passing by

The amazing thing is that even though my youngest rascal goes through so many tough and hard things at the moment, we still have lots of fun every day.

Mainly this is thanks to him. He laughs and he smiles, like always.

It´s not possible not to laugh when he does, he´s always had the most contagious laughter.


So the days are passing by quite quickly. We are in school as much as he wants to, his friends comes by and we enjoy hugging and talking every day. All is – for now – well.

He started his radiation and have so far done two sessions; it will be a total of 30 and after that it´s chemotherapy. I try to focus on the positive; the tumour was removed completely, it didn´t spread to any other parts of his body, we live in a city with a great hospital and skilled doctors. In terms of cancer, that is the best news – but there´s no guarantees.

It goes without saying that I´m scared – more scared than I´ve ever been.

However; he is here, he is happy, we have not lost him – and so the life has to go on like it always has. It makes us all feel better and our aim is for him to come out of this with experiences he shouldn´t have, but still alive.

So I sit here in our sofa with my lazy cat, listening to my little rascal and his friends on the upper floor – and it feels like it should. Like everyday life and days passing by.


And for that I´m grateful.

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… when life turns upside down in the worst of ways

Almost 4 weeks ago, our lives turned upside down in the worst of ways. Our youngest rascal who had complained about a slight headache now and then and otherwise seemed as healthy as he could possible be, showed to have a brain tumour.

I will never be able to explain the fright and horror his dad and I felt when the doctor told us – mixed with total confusement. He was so happy and healthy beside the now and then headache, he practiced his sports just as always, he was doing great in school, had energy.

How on earth could he have a brain tumour?

From that point everything has happened so very fast and intense. We learned this a Thursday and the day after he had an eight hour operation that luckily was very succesful – all of the tumour is gone. We had one of Swedens best neuro surgeons working on him which we will be forever grateful for. I could marry that man.

But still there´s a long way to go. As a friend of mine said; cancer is not a sprint, it´s a marathon. My sweet rascal will now begin radiation and then chemotherapy to follow. It will be hard on him, it will be painful to us parents and his brother who adores and loves him.

Still, it has to be done so we have a chance to keep him here with us.


(Sweet Elsa was so happy to have him home after two weeks at hospital)

I wish this never happened to children. There´s nothing fair in an innocent, kind child to get an illness like this, it just should never happen. But you know; we laugh every day in this home of ours, every day we´re grateful to have eachother. I cry too, but mostly I´m happy because he is here and he´s his usual happy himself amazingly enough.

And we´ll do anything we can to help him through it all, we´ll carry him the whole way.

So please keep my rascal in your thoughts, we need it. Take care.

Little by Little
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Someone took the Zzzzell out of the Weger

This is a different post, coming from me – but I´m upset.

Renee Zellweger claims her disturbingly new look comes from living healthy. I´m amazed, because apparently living healthy changes the shape of your eyes and face dramatically which I definately had no clue about.

Or, it might just be that it´s bullsh*t and Renee hopes that we actually didn´t look at her during her years in showbiz.


Oh, sweet Renee – I wish I was your friend. If I was, I would have told you – before the butcher hacked away your face – that you were pretty lovely before. I would have told you that your trademark were your eyes and you´d be whoever without them, just like Jennifer Grey without her equally trademark nose.

Did you ever ask her about her career after she changed her nose?

You should have.

I would have told you that I can understand that some botox and fillers are needed in your business, because I actually do – by some reason old, male actors get a pass but female don´t. I would have told you that I can feel the winds of age myself as I´ll turn 42 next year and for sure don´t have to show my driver´s license when I buy wine in the liquer store anymore.

But here´s the deal;

you have just erased everything that was you and therefore everything that was of interest to me. The face I´ve learned to love ages ago – not because you were some girl next door but because you were beautiful – is so gone that I wouldn´t recognize you if I tried. I actually stare at the photos above as I write this, trying so hard to find you in there somewhere without succeeding.

Gone you are, bye bye baby.

Now; why would I pay to see Renee Zellweger from now on when you´re replaced by someone else? I would seriously just get distracted, because if I watched a movie with you now I´d go ”gosh, it really doesn´t look like her” all through.

I´ve just lost interest, and I really don´t think that it was what you were aiming for.

If I had been your friend, I´d tell you to get more friends – the kind that shouts ”are you out of your freaking mind” if you tell them that you´re thinking of reshaping your whole face. I can only imagine what it´s like to work in a business so harsh and brutal that you feel something like this is needed, I can only imagine that you are somehow pretty lonely no matter how many that´s standing around you.

But you know, Dr Seuss weren´t that wrong when he wrote;

There´s noone alive that is Youer than You

and someone just took the Zzzzell out of the Weger.

May it never happen again.

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Oh la la – what a weekend I had!

I will tell you all about my weekend in Stockholm as soon as possible, but let me first show you this pic I borrowed from Joacims Instagram:


Isn´t that a great photo or what – all of these amazingly good looking people were my friends in high school (which is so long ago that I won´t even admit how long). We met up in Stockholm during the weekend and I will say this:

there´s something special with people who´ve known you during such an important time in life

It is actually funny how easy it was to just pick up the conversation from years ago. I laughed, laughed and laughed again until both my stomach and face hurt – and then I laughed some more which made the mascara run down my cheeks transforming me into a raccoon.

We were serious too though, like when we were eating dinner at Björk Bar & Grill. It´s hard to laugh while stuffing oneself with great food and a couple of equally great drinks.

But those ten minutes were the exception.

Good times I tell you – and we´ll try to repeat it. It is quite hard to gather a bunch of grown ups since everyone has a thousand things on their to do-list, but we´ll try.

So that was the prime of the weekend, though I had a good time overall. Stay tuned for the rest!

Take care!

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Going to Stockholm tomorrow

Well, I´m going to Stockholm by train early tomorrow morning – and yet I haven´t packed a thing as I write this.

But you know; it always works out in the end and I´m at my best under pressure.

(or so I tell myself)

I´m very, very giddy about this trip anyway, it will be so much fun to meet my old friends, walk around the city in my own pace and visit the museums. I´ll keep you posted, be so sure!

Until then;


Take care you sweet people!

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Dream a little dream of me

Stars shining right above you
Night breezes seem to whisper, I love you
Birds singin’ in the sycamore trees
Dream a little dream of me


I do so not want to leave this place right now.

Darn Monday.


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Soon something new in my garden

Since I´m a little down as I´m cleaning out everything that´s dying in my garden, I had to treat myself to something new.

(the pics are borrowed from odla.nu where I ordered these)

image_5626 image_5827 image_5835 image_5844

I´ll mix these up in big and small pots and I think it will look absolutely lovely when it´s done. Fantastic colors and shapes that will contrast in a great way.

Yum, yum.

So it has been a calm weekend; playing board games with the rascals Friday evening, just having one rascal home during Saturday night since the oldest slept at a friends house – and today the youngest has been away half of the day at soccer.

Just what I needed actually, made it possible to get things done around the house in a more efficient way. I´m trying to stay ahead now so everything is in order before my four day trip to Stockholm next Thursday. Will be so great!

Take care sweeties!

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Loving the colors

I´m telling you that the colors around me are wonderful right now, and not only the colors of the leaves.

These raspberries for example – can´t get enough of them! So juicy and golden, a treat to the eye just as much and the mouth. Every evening I´m picking them for my rascals and they love them.


And the flowers in my sun room are now fall-ish with their red hues, and with their vividness they make me forget that there won´t be any flowers at all soon.

A comfort to my soul.


This last week has been much colder, I´m suddenly needing my coat and the rascals have asked me where last winters hats and gloves are.

Oh well. It will all be good.

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Well HELLO – now I remember…

… the great perk with fall besides the coloring of the leaves: new shoes!


I fell a little bit in love with these ones  when I saw them – and even more so when I tried them on the first time.

Now; those of you who´ve endured pain for weeks when trying to break in new shows; please raise your hand…

*waving like a maniac myself*

But these? No discomfort, no pain what so ever. I just put my feet in and walked away into the sunset – amazing I tell you!

The brand is Tamaris, check them out if you enjoy fancy though comfy.

Now please excuse me; I have two new book in the house – and a glass of wine to go with it.

Will be just wonderful.

Take care!


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It´s no denying it…

… fall is in the air.


I can see the leaves shifting from green to yellow and red – and even though my favourite seasons are spring and summer, I can appreciate the beautiful colors.

I´m also enjoying the fact that I´ll have patience to read more again – that is not what I usually spend my summers doing, but when the weather gets colder it´s so perfect to sit under a blanket and just read away. Maybe with a little glass of wine in the side.


So I guess I´ll endure. Considering the coloring of the rascals and myself, we do go excellent with the colors of fall as the redheads we are. Maybe I should just focus on that.

And truly – summer ain´t over until I´ve harvested my last tomato.


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