No words.


  Today´s my birthday and I´m celebrating with introducing a new blog category;

~no words~

for the times I want to let creativity and play do the only speaking.

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Happy Easter!

Hi sweeties,

just popping in for a sec to wish you a Happy Easter, illustrated here by my rascals with (half) paper eggs on their heads:


Talk to you soon, I have plenty of more pics from Washington DC and so on – but right now I´ll just celebrate Easter and enjoy being at home again.

I just have to say that it felt great to sleep in my own bed yesterday, as always when I return after a trip. The rascals were very happy to see eachother as well, they missed eachother while apart.

But hey – here I go chattering away again which I have no time for at the moment!

Happy Easter and take care!

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Attending a seder

So thanks to my friend Zeke, my son and I were invited to a seder. It was the first ever, so we didn´t have a clue what to expect – but such a wonderful evening it became.

First, I thought my son looked fantastic in a kippah:


My son and Zeke (my son really loves him, thinks he´s way cool):


For those of you who doesn´t follow me on Instagram, here´s a phone pic of what I wore:

bild (6)

Anyway: the evening was wonderful as I said. Around 30 people who all welcomed us like we were old friends, and they helped us through all the parts of the dinner (it is a bit difficult when you´ve never done it before). I was most impressed by how much the kids were involved in every step – even my son read some of the text which almost made me fall of my chair..!

I mean seriously; I get shy speaking in front of people I know and he just delivers in a second language in front of a bunch of strangers..! Kids are amazing! Also; in like 30 minutes he made a new friend (named Jonah) so he´ll email him when we get home.

So great, love my rascal.

And there was singing, discussing, laughing and teasing for hours – my heart was warm when we had to leave so I hugged the hosts so hard it probably cracked their ribs.

I´ll never forget that experience, that´s for sure.

Tomorrow we´re heading home to Sweden and that feels perfect; we´re beginning to miss hubby and youngest rascal. It is awesome to go on vacation, but it´s equally awesome to get home again – I also feel the itch to check up on my plants and cherry tree so everything is OK.

I will post more pics from Washington when I´m at home, do take care until then!

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… and more events in Washington DC

So one of the true highlights for a mother and son in Washington DC must be the Air and space museum.

We. had. so. much. fun!

How could you not with fantastic airplanes everywhere…

washington_9 washington_10

… and engines…


… and schtuff..!

washington_12 washington_13

We saw the Planetarium show (narrated by Whoopie Goldberg) Journey to the stars which was awesome – and then my son wanted to do the flight simulator as well. ”Don´t blame me when you´re hanging upside down” the lady who sold the tickets said – and I was like; ehum, what?!

I was freaking out a bit to tell the truth, I imagined I´d throw up and make a complete fool of myself – but what don´t you do for your kids, right..?

And it was bloody fantastic – we laughed until we cried, both of us. I have no clue how many times we spinned around, but I just couldn´t stop laughing (a bit hysterical I might add). I really recommend the flight simulator if you want to do something special with your kid – too bad it ended after only 6 minutes!

This is one of the simulators that didn´t spin, probably not as fun:


We also managed to go to the National Gallery of Art – I was most likely the one of us who liked that the most:


Well, I´ll tell you more in my next post – take care sweeties!

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Washington so far…

First; I told you I was meeting Mia at Arlanda airport before we left – and I also told you she´s cute as a button:


 (impossible to see she´s been in the air for like 14 hours or so)

I was so glad we got the chance to meet, Mia is one of my oldest friend (along with her twin sister Anna) and we´ve followed eachother through the awkward days of the early teens to these days when we´re actually married with big children. Unfortunately we live far from eachother, but every time we meet it´s like we´ve never been apart.

Friends like that are priceless.

So on to the vacation; I´m deeply impressed by my oldest rascal. In total we were in the air for 9.5 hours + waiting time, transfer and standing in line – the kiddo didn´t complain once.

Of course we had to see the White House at once when we headed for town:


Then we continued our first day with seeing all memorials and must-see´s:


It´s the first time I´ve managed to come in time for all the wonderful blooming – hurray! A cab driver told me that I can thank the previously cold weather for that, now however it´s really warm and wonderful like a swedish summer.

washington_6 washington_7

And then we visited the Air & Space museum which was a blast – will tell you about that in my next post though so you don´t drown in pics.

So far sweeties, this vacation has been everything a rascal and his mommy could ask for. How lucky we are!

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On our way!

Ok, so today I´ve finished a crazy, crazy work day and then rushed to the train station where I met up with hubby (who had our luggage with him) and rascals.

Kissed youngest rascal and hubby goodbye, jumped on train with oldest rascal – and somewhere after an hour or so I actually started to relax.

Now we´re resting in our tiny room at the airport and my plan is to continue doing just that until I meet up with my friend Mia, who happen to be a stewardess. She´s one of my oldest friends and cute as a button.

And then we´ll almost be on our way – early tomorrow morning we´ll hop on the plane.

washington_1 washington_2

As some of you might remember, I´m a bit afraid of flying (at start and landing) – so a thought would be appreciated.

I´ll talk to you as soon as I can – but wohoo, Washington DC – here we come!

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Sleeping with fur in my face

Elsa is the sneakiest dog – every night I tell her to lie down at my feet, yet she manages to snuggle up to me like a baby before I know it.

It´s really hard to say no to someone with those skills.


If she could kick my hubby out of the bed without payback, I´m pretty sure she would.

I don´t complain too much though, it is pretty cosy to fall asleep like this. Because tonight I really plan to sleep, other options are not available thank you very much.

I´m a bit behind with everything it seems, thanks to the misbehaving of my body. I haven´t packed (besides in my head) and I haven´t transplanted my tomatoes and chilis to new pots… Will be a busy girl tomorrow, that´s for sure – because tomorrow is our last night at home before we go.

It will work out though, doesn´t it always kind of work out?

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Sleepless night with flowers in my thoughts

I never get tired of photographing flowers – they are just too lovely!


Right now it´s in the middle of the night here in Sweden, but since my body is giving me a hard time at the moment (due to the MS) I figured I could rather edit photos than sleep.

I´ve never been good at forcing myself to sleep and jealously glare at my hubby everytime he falls asleep within 0.4 seconds or so. He and Elsa are right now involved in a highly exciting snoring competition (that Elsa seem to win).

Maybe I should wake him up to tell him, shouldn´t he want to know about his defeat right away..?!


Well, maybe not. Instead I´ll search for movies on Netflix that I haven´t seen and plan my packing for Washington in my head.

Sometimes, such things just have to be good enough.


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Finally – a cherry tree!

First; thanks for your nice comments about my last post, you´re so sweet all of you. I have a good life as you know, but I wanted to write it for those of you who have similar experiences.

It´s always good to know that you´re not alone.

Now to something on a more happier note; I´ve always loved cherries but by some reason never came around to buy a tree. Yesterday morning I woke up and suddenly felt that I had to have it, right now.

Of course, right now didn´t happen but today it did.


It sure doesn´t look like much now – especially with that ugly support system. Still I can see the cherry flowers and the berries in front of me so vividly, I just can´t wait. How funny that a simple thing as a tree can make you so happy!


(Hey little sweet bud, don´t be shy)

I hope you´ll have a great Sunday wherever you are!

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Loving animals

For as long as I can remember, I´ve been loving animals. I was raised with seven Siberian Huskies in the house and after that a bunny, a rat (that I co-owned with my high school sweetheart) and three dogs and a cat has followed. Oh, and horses since I now learn to ride.

Not all at once naturally. Because that would be crazy.


To tell the truth though, I could easily fill the house with bunnies, hamsters, more cats and dogs in all eternity if my hubby hadn´t been the voice of reason. It´s not just because they are furry and cute, they represent security for me.


I did not have a regular, fairytale childhood – my parents had me when they were very young and the relationship kind of crashed at once. When I was around two, my mother decided that she didn´t need a kid since she had met a new man – and hence I suddenly found myself at my father´s place, with his new wife.

And I can´t even with the best intentions pretend that it was easy.

A lot of tension, a lot of wondering why my mother didn´t want to see me, the weirdness of learning that I eventually got siblings that I didn´t know (on my mothers side), a stepmother that I didn´t  get along with too well – and yet I turned out alright in the end.

I know who to thank for that:

great friends, fantastic boyfriends (especially the one who turned out to be my husband) – and the animals who were there as a constant, loving calm in my life as I grew up. They all gave me love and confidence to be myself.

With those components few things could go wrong no matter the circumstances, and for that I´m very thankful. As a result, I´m raising rascals that are happy and secure and don´t have to pay for the shortcomings of their grandparents.

I´ve learned through the years that more people than you realize have luggage when it comes to their childhood. I can´t claim to have any universal solution to this, but I do know that without the animals in my life I would have missed a piece in the puzzle – and that is also a reason why I´ll never be without them.

To have someone look at you with 100% love when you feel most unloveable is a gift that I truly feel that only an animal can give.

And that my friends, is the true reason why

I´ll let them steal my space for the rest of my life.

Darn it.

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