Saying goodbye

Hey those few who might still see this.

So. I´ve decided to close this blog soon. It is with a large bit of sadness I write it – because during many years this blog was my pride and joy. It was darn good once; I´ve tried to produce the best photos and posts I could because I didn´t want second best for those who read it. I loved feeling connected to people from all over the world, always a bit amazed of how easy internet made it.

But things change. After my sons illness, I have just not been able to find the joy and energy to keep the blog going. At first, I thought my mojo might come back to me after his treatment was done – but nope. I´m finding myself questioning; what can I write, what can I take photos of – to be sure not to violate his integrity. When all is well that is an easy question, but everything is a bit upside down after something like this.

I do want to tell you that he is well and the docs believe it will stay that way, though they can´t make any promises of course. My oldest rascal is doing great too and we´re all enjoying life to the fullest – they are both very sweet and loving boys. The dogs are making me crazy as always which is good too (hah!).

I´m not sure how long it will take until the blog disappears; I pay for the domain so I´m guessing that it will be gone within a couple of weeks maybe since I´m stopping those payments. It is a strange feeling; six years of posts and photos gone just like that – but such is life.

Do take care; I´ve come to appreciate all of you who´ve been leaving comments and visiting silently during the years. If you want to keep up with me, you can always find me on Instagram (username tinajo73). And one never knows; one day I might start a new blog, of a different kind.

Over and out <3


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Ridiculous actually..!

There´s something utterly ridiculous with stating you´re back – and then vaninsh in thin air for months…

Sorry about that.

It´s just that I´m actually exhausted and I didn´t quite realize before, it all came falling down on me after my sons treatment was done. I haven´t found my true joy for photography yet either, so… Well, let´s just say that if I had made posts here, they would have been lacking photos.

I do have some Instragram pics from the last couple of months at least:

page page2

Thank goodness for Instagram; hadn´t it been so easy I would must likely not have been taking any photos at all for a year or so.

I long for spring, pretty flowers and sun – I think it would help me regaining some strength. My sweet, youngest rascal is recovering – though we have to live with MRI:s every third month for a long time. I have a hard time dealing with that actually, I´d love to say to myself: ”OK, the awful part is done and now we´ll just look ahead”. Unfortunately though, there´s a lot of worry – which makes it difficult to find the joy in photography and blogging.

It´s actually weird how I miss blogging – yet I can´t seem to get it quite going. I think it will return to me as I feel stronger.

So maybe I shouldn´t say that I´m back as I stated with my last post – I´m trying to get back would be a better choice of words..!

However; in 9 days my little rascal and I will go to Washington DC – the same kind of mother and son trip I made with my oldest in 2014. How we´ve longed for that! And I know I´ll take a ton of pics there so I´ll be able to share for once.

Take care!

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Snowy day today!

Christmas has passed and it was a calm and relaxed day for us. No relatives visiting this year and we didn´t travel to them either, we needed some peace compared to the upside down Christmas last year.

The gifts under the tree has surely changed – a lot of clothes, clothes and clothes. Both rascals like to dress well and I´m not the one who´d stand in their way in that departement, no way! Just the fact that they are interested makes me do cartwheels!

Christmas turned out to be bare and snowless but today we´re getting snow again and we took advantage of it of course. A tiny snowman was the result, and the boys had a good, old fashioned snowball fight with friends. Hurray – sometimes they still forget the miracle of computer games and such tech stuff..!


I on the other hand, have had lots of tech problems. My old laptop decided to quit on me a couple of weeks ago and it took me a while to get a new one. And then the nagging trouble of re-installing everything sneaked up on me – such a hazzle it is. I seriously hate it, and couldn´t work with my photos since Photoshop wouldn´t get going. I think it´s all good now (hopefully).

Have Christmas been good to you?

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Please vote for me!

Hey sweeties; this is it; I´m actually very late in this competition but nevertheless I´m not giving up. Fjällräven is holding a competition that gives you the chance to go on a trip with sleigh dogs, and that would be something I very much need.

As you know; I´m an animal person and after this very straining and stressful year it would be wonderful to join this adventure (described in the link). To be one with nature and rely on the dogs; relief in many ways for me. I was raised with such dogs and know how calm that kind of trips are for the mind.

Please vote for me – and please spread the word fast –  unfortunately I saw this very late so everyone else has a head start. I´d be much thankful. <3

Vote for me so I can go on a trip with sleigh dogs!

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… and all of a sudden there was winter!

We´ve had the longest fall one could possible hope for, quite warm, sunny and little rain. I love the colors of fall so I´ve been happy about it, still it was a fun surprise when winter suddenly arrived the other day.

Molly is fascinated – her first meeting with snow. She´s too cute!


The rascals finally had a reason to pull out their winter clothes and today they´ve been outside playing with the dogs for a long time. It feels pretty wonderful to see my youngest a bit active again, even though his energy runs out fast. As you can see, he´s still pale – though happy to hang around with his brother.


Otherwise I´ve been enjoying the weekend to the fullest; yesterday hubby and I took a long walk in the forest with the dogs and it felt just great with the fresh air we inhaled.

We were also invited to dinner at our friends/neighbours. I made the dessert; raspberry panna cotta with a hint of licorice. I know many of you outside Europe are suspicious of licorice, but I tell you; rasberry and licorice is a wonderful combination!

Do try if you get the chance.


Now I have to get going with some of the not so fun tasks; like washing clothes, vacuuming and so forth. Take care!

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Business and pleasure

Well; maybe not business, but you know what I mean. Had to go to the city today for my MS medication and since I´m not there that often nowadays I figured it was best to run some errands at the same time.

I pass this bed when I walk from the hospital towards the city core – it always makes me smile. They change the ”bedding” when the seasons changes, and today I wouldn´t have minded to lie down for a bit. Gorgeous colors!


Then I bought some more plants at the plant shop in the park nearby; I could spend way too much money there. I probably did actually, but I´m ignoring that fact. Yep, I am. Sometimes – when being frugal as I am – one have just have to go with the flow.

And there´s just so much prettiness.


Passed this house as well; I could imagine living there. Close to the city, yet with a garden and very charming. However – it would be bloody expensive so it will stay a fantasy.


I found some pretty details for our home in a couple of stores which made me happy; I need to get all my projects going soon so they can shine as I intend them to with the right background.

Now I´m home and a bit tired as always after medication – soon off to bring youngest rascal and his friend home from school.

Take care!

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Ok, I´m back (I hope).

Now; I´d be so lucky if anyone was still out there listening – with the extremly slow post pace I think it´s understandable if  you all think I´ve abandoned this blog. I have not, but I needed to feel some inspiration to get going again – and that is something that I´ve surely been lacking during this horrid last year.

My youngest rascal has now ended his cancer treatment. Of course he still has to regain some strength, but I´m so happy to see at least his apetite returning slowly. We still have a long way to go, but there´s progress every day.

I think my way back will be much longer than his.

Children have an inner stride that serves them so well in situations like this. They don´t agonize about all the what if´s; they handle it day by day. I´ve seen so many children during this year going through similar treatments like my son and still play and laugh.

That is a bliss.


For me it´s harder; the only fact I can hold on to is that my son is well now. The doctors believe he will stay that way, but as one said; ”sometimes it surprises even me who gets it back or not”. That is not what I want to hear, naturally – but somehow I have to learn to live with that. For years and years and years.

But we are closer than ever before; no bickering about the small stuff and even more hugs and kisses than before. I´m thankful for that; and for this worn friend who – after the surgery – suddenly was allowed back into my sons arms after years of neglect. This little shabby lamb is as old as my son and was actually waiting for him at home when he was a newborn; who could give a better comfort during hospital nights?


Things I haven´t had energy to enjoy for a year has returned to me. I love cooking again; looking for new recipes and old favourites – and I do it to loud music. The other day I actually got the urge to share some recipes with you so I just might do that soon.

After the long summer when we spent a lot of time outside and ignored the inside of our home (read; forgetting to water plants and cleaning) I´ve also started to fill my home with new plants and decorations; eager to make the home cozy for winter.


I´ve ordered some lovely wall candleholders, plan to do a makeover of my sideboard in the livingroom and some other projects. This is actually therapy for me; the psychologist that talks to parents of children with cancer said it´s very important to do things that makes me happy. I sleep very little and am tired and stressed to say the least – but to have some projects ahead keeps me going until the world starts functioning normal again.

This blog have always been a happy place for me as well, so I plan to enjoy it to the fullest from now on.

So; trying to walk forward and hope you´re ok. Will visit everyone of you and check for myself!

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Soon September..!

Hello there sweeties – hope you´re all fine!

So, soon September. I´m happy about the summer we´ve had; it was a bit rainy for a long time but the last couple of weeks have treated us with great weather.

There has been good and bad with my gardening. The good has naturally been this:


Yep; I was mucho happy about the lovely veggies and berries I could (and still can) serve my family. I also bought a new sofa for our sun room that is perfect for soaking in the sun.


The bad however, was slugs. Those terrible, slimy creatures ate all carrots but one (gave it to youngest rascal and he assured me it tasted fantastic) and I honestly hate them. Have to figure something out for next year; this won´t do. Also; the heavy rain during the beginning of the summer seem to have drowned the beets I hoped for, they were nowhere to be seen after that.

But you can´t win them all I guess.

My son have two blocks of chemo left and he´s still in good spirit amazingly, though very thin. We´ve been on small picnics and such when he felt strong, so no complaints at all from him or his brother. Took this pic at a lake and played with it; like how it turned out:


Oldest rascal started at a new school and celebrated his 13th birthday – hooray for my teen! Hard to grasp that he´s that big now; years just fly by.

Personally, I´ve started to ride again once a week. It feels good; when riding I can´t focus on anything else but the horse and what the heck I´m doing – very important for my mind at this point. I´m also going to obediance class once a week with Molly; she´s right now a lovely, five month old monster puppy so it´s neccessary for her. Though she wouldn´t agree..!

One day at a time right now, one day at a time..! How is life treating you?

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In summer, the song sings itself.

Hello sweeties, just popping in to say hi.

Today it´s a beautiful summer day and I´m enjoying it to the fullest. We´ve had some chilly and grey days recently, so I´m glad for the change.

The rascals are happy as can be, especially since they just bought their Saturday candy – oh joy..! Since my youngest apetite isn´t the best at the moment, I´m actually equally happy that he wants it – some extra calories on his thin body.

He has now done half of his chemo sessions, it seems like a long way to go though until we´re done. I wouldn´t say he´s doing great – it takes it´s toll, that´s for sure – but his mood is as cheerful as it´s always been and he´s strong and tough.

It could be worse.

We´re dreaming and planning for the trip to America we´ll do when he´s regained his strength eventually. As some of you know, I did the same trip with my oldest about a year ago and it was a wonderful mother-son time. Can´t wait until we´re set to go.


Other than visiting the hospital for his treatment, days are passing by in a nice way. The dogs keeps me busy as I bet you can imagine (why do I always forget how often a puppy pees?!) and I enjoy the slow pace. I´ve even been taking pictures as you can see above; a sign that some normality is back in my life.

I hope you´re enjoying yourselves wherever you are and whatever you´re doing, I appreciate your kind thoughts. Take care until the next time!

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Why it´s silent here…

… and why it might be so for a while:


Yes indeed; our Molly is in the house as those of you who follow me on Instagram already knows. She´s so very fun to be around; a happy, clever and cute puppy in every way. She´s also everywhere all the time so she´s keeping me busy, that´s for sure.

We all love her dearly; such a positive addition to our home.

I´ve been thinking of this blog and what to do with it. At the moment it feels hard to post since my life revolves around my sons cancer treatment. It´s all going well, but I´m not keen on posting photos of him since that would feel like going against his integrity. By the same reason there´s not many photos I can post of my oldest son since his usually around his brother when he´s at home.

So I´d be left with using photos of flowers, food and animals which is all fine – but honestly; it feels weird to post just about such light hearted things when we in reality are going through something quite hard.

So what to do? Well, I think I will know the day it feels fine to blog here again – and until then it will rest. My sons treatment will be over in the end of 2015 so that will probably be when I show up for real again, not just these rare posts.

Because trust me on this; I long for that day when I can talk with you again and the blog will not be dead until I say so. I also have some pretty large changes in my life going on, in the best of ways.

So I hope you´ll stick around sweeties.

I´ll end this post with a photo my oldest son took of Molly and I, he tries to think about composition and such and I let him decide how to edit the photo in Photoshop as well. The result was a bit light – but that´s how you learn and I´m not correcting him. He´ll find his way eventually, and it still was a bloody good pic by a 12-year old.


Take care!

Little by Little
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