Oh la la – what a weekend I had!

I will tell you all about my weekend in Stockholm as soon as possible, but let me first show you this pic I borrowed from Joacims Instagram:


Isn´t that a great photo or what – all of these amazingly good looking people were my friends in high school (which is so long ago that I won´t even admit how long). We met up in Stockholm during the weekend and I will say this:

there´s something special with people who´ve known you during such an important time in life

It is actually funny how easy it was to just pick up the conversation from years ago. I laughed, laughed and laughed again until both my stomach and face hurt – and then I laughed some more which made the mascara run down my cheeks transforming me into a raccoon.

We were serious too though, like when we were eating dinner at Björk Bar & Grill. It´s hard to laugh while stuffing oneself with great food and a couple of equally great drinks.

But those ten minutes were the exception.

Good times I tell you – and we´ll try to repeat it. It is quite hard to gather a bunch of grown ups since everyone has a thousand things on their to do-list, but we´ll try.

So that was the prime of the weekend, though I had a good time overall. Stay tuned for the rest!

Take care!

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Going to Stockholm tomorrow

Well, I´m going to Stockholm by train early tomorrow morning – and yet I haven´t packed a thing as I write this.

But you know; it always works out in the end and I´m at my best under pressure.

(or so I tell myself)

I´m very, very giddy about this trip anyway, it will be so much fun to meet my old friends, walk around the city in my own pace and visit the museums. I´ll keep you posted, be so sure!

Until then;


Take care you sweet people!

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Dream a little dream of me

Stars shining right above you
Night breezes seem to whisper, I love you
Birds singin’ in the sycamore trees
Dream a little dream of me


I do so not want to leave this place right now.

Darn Monday.


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Soon something new in my garden

Since I´m a little down as I´m cleaning out everything that´s dying in my garden, I had to treat myself to something new.

(the pics are borrowed from odla.nu where I ordered these)

image_5626 image_5827 image_5835 image_5844

I´ll mix these up in big and small pots and I think it will look absolutely lovely when it´s done. Fantastic colors and shapes that will contrast in a great way.

Yum, yum.

So it has been a calm weekend; playing board games with the rascals Friday evening, just having one rascal home during Saturday night since the oldest slept at a friends house – and today the youngest has been away half of the day at soccer.

Just what I needed actually, made it possible to get things done around the house in a more efficient way. I´m trying to stay ahead now so everything is in order before my four day trip to Stockholm next Thursday. Will be so great!

Take care sweeties!

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Loving the colors

I´m telling you that the colors around me are wonderful right now, and not only the colors of the leaves.

These raspberries for example – can´t get enough of them! So juicy and golden, a treat to the eye just as much and the mouth. Every evening I´m picking them for my rascals and they love them.


And the flowers in my sun room are now fall-ish with their red hues, and with their vividness they make me forget that there won´t be any flowers at all soon.

A comfort to my soul.


This last week has been much colder, I´m suddenly needing my coat and the rascals have asked me where last winters hats and gloves are.

Oh well. It will all be good.

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Well HELLO – now I remember…

… the great perk with fall besides the coloring of the leaves: new shoes!


I fell a little bit in love with these ones  when I saw them – and even more so when I tried them on the first time.

Now; those of you who´ve endured pain for weeks when trying to break in new shows; please raise your hand…

*waving like a maniac myself*

But these? No discomfort, no pain what so ever. I just put my feet in and walked away into the sunset – amazing I tell you!

The brand is Tamaris, check them out if you enjoy fancy though comfy.

Now please excuse me; I have two new book in the house – and a glass of wine to go with it.

Will be just wonderful.

Take care!


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It´s no denying it…

… fall is in the air.


I can see the leaves shifting from green to yellow and red – and even though my favourite seasons are spring and summer, I can appreciate the beautiful colors.

I´m also enjoying the fact that I´ll have patience to read more again – that is not what I usually spend my summers doing, but when the weather gets colder it´s so perfect to sit under a blanket and just read away. Maybe with a little glass of wine in the side.


So I guess I´ll endure. Considering the coloring of the rascals and myself, we do go excellent with the colors of fall as the redheads we are. Maybe I should just focus on that.

And truly – summer ain´t over until I´ve harvested my last tomato.


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Good morning world!

This was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes this morning:

140913_2_web Aww, you little fur monkey – how sweet you are.

Can you see that she´s screaming feed me you lazy human? Oh, she is. Always hungry, always hoping for a treat.

I ignored her for a while and just took my moment in bed. Saturday mornings are the best, just knowing that I don´t have to wake the rascals up or rush away to work. Many years ago I worked some weekends and hence got days off in the middle of the week instead – but those mornings never compared to Saturday mornings. It kind of felt fake.


My oldest (and hubby) is on his way to buy a synthesizer. We already have three in this house since hubby has played all his life, but nowadays the rascals play too and they don´t necessarily want the same sound effects and such. So big rascal has saved up some money and will buy a good, used one that will be his and his only.

(though I´m pretty sure his brother will be allowed to use it)

Therefore it´s quiet in the house with half of the family gone. I´m enjoying it especially much since I´m guessing the synthesizer will go warm around the clock when they return. It´s not that I don´t love when they play – on the contrary actually, they are good at it – but maybe I´m just not as keen on listening to the same tune over and over, until they nail it perfectly…

I wish you the best of days sweeties – take care!

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Oh goodness, how long it has been!

I´m actually scratching my head wondering why I haven´t been posting anything for so long.

I love my blog, but during those very intense work weeks before summer I somehow lost that extra energy which would have kept me posting during normal circumstances. And the more time that passed, the easier it was to just not do it.

And yet I love my blog – isn´t that weird?

So I figure I´ll have to try and get my groove back, starting with a little catch up of what has happened since the last post. Some of you may have seen some of these pics from my Instagram account which I actually managed to update now and then during this time.

I have been a very happy harvester at least; my chili pepper, apple cucumber, tomatoes and raspberries have all been rewarding me in plenty. I had doubts about the tomatoes but they came through in the end.



My sweet, big rascal celebrated his 12th birthday. Wow. His last year as a non teen – I did (as always) not see that one coming. Though I should have, kids are known to grow.

I´ve heard.


We´ve been out and about in nature:


I´ve started my riding class again (wohoo)…


… and I´ve actually been running quite a lot since I´m doing my first marathon in Stockholm next year..! I figured it would be cool to pull that off, having MS and all. Now I figure I´m insane, but I´m definatly aiming to cross the finish line.

On my knees if I have to.

I´ll go to Stockholm in a couple of weeks and that will be super fun! I´m going on my own and will visit museums and such – and meet up with a bunch of old friends of mine. Some of them I haven´t seen in real life for an eternity and since they are all very nice I´m looking forward to it so much!

I´ll definately share that experience with you all.

Oh, so – how have you been sweeties?! Thank you for the emails and shout outs, it´s nice to know that you´ve been here wondering where the heck I am. :-)

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Last week of vacation

This has been some summer here in Sweden – the kind we´ll talk about for years I think. Such heat, every day for weeks – and how we´ve relished and enjoyed. I´m pretty much amazed and I´ve loved every day – even though that has kept me away from computers and such.

Or maybe because of just that.

Today I harvested my first chili – made me so happy. I have two different kinds of chili as you can see and I´m most curious of how they will taste.


My tomatoes are still slow, have no clue of what I did wrong with those but I think I´ll get to harvest them as well within a couple of weeks or so. I have patience, I can wait.

And my cucumber is soon ready as well – a kind I´ve never tried to grow before:


It will be slightly yellow when it´s done and I´m truly excited to taste it! It is truly a bliss to be able to grow things, I feel spoiled.

My boys are having a great summers holiday and will continue to have that for a couple of weeks more. I´ll start work on Monday but hubby will be home with them until it´s time for school. I wish I could stay home with them as well, but that is the life of a worker – eventually the holidays end.

140730_3 140730_4

(youngest rascal in our neighbour´s garden)

And Saga is coping with the heat in the way she knows best; by rolling up in the sofa so noone knows what´s up and down with her. I don´t blame her, it would kill me to have that thick fur right now!


And moi? Well sweeties, I do feel fine and dandy – I do.


How are you, is summer treating you well?

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